Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Missha Nail Polish HGR01

Last January i went to Korea for holiday. FYI, i'm a HUGE fan of Korean haul, so i bought so many makeup & nail polish there. One of them is Missha nail polish HGR01 in Green.

So many blogger said this Missha HGR01 supposed to be very similar to Chanel Peridot 's (but Peridot terribly expensive) XD
On eBay they sell this Chanel Peridot about $25 and Missha HGR01 about $15 (half price cheaper than Peridot), but actually i bought in Korea very cheap, only 6000 Korean Won :D

Let me introduce you...

This Missha HGR01 has the duochrome metallic finish - so shiny and pretty! It shows some brushstrokes while it's wet but they disappear as the polish dries. The greenish teal that you see at the extreme angles on HGR01 looks straight on. Then HGR01 turns to a bright cyan blue and even royal blue at the extremes.

If mermaids wore nail polish (I only assume they don't because it'd be hard to paint your nails underwater... heehee), I think they would DEFINITELY wear this color. This feels like a "mermaid in a bottle." Oh, and also it smells like roses (very nice).

This is the look on my Nails..

I love this Missha HGR01 so much...^^

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