Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Skin Food Nail Vita RE107 Red Stone Review

Still on my obsession about Korean Haul, i'm gonna review the Skin Food Nail Vita RE107 in Red Stone. The longlasting nail colour with a beautiful shine. Contains vitamin and keratin for stronger nails.
Package include 13ml nail color.



Fine glitter particles seem to light the polish from within. When I applied it, it was almost like the glitter was suspended in the nail polish. I couldn't help but stare at my nails all day. :D
It dries super fast as well, by the time you've finished the first coat, your nails are ready for the second.

The color may change according to the number of application. The more u applied, the darker it gets.

 With Flash

 Natural Light

 With Flash

 Outside - under the sunlight

Dunno why this red stone nail polish reminds me of vampire.. Giving me a dark feeling like blood, cold, & mysterious things.. (although in fact red is a warm color) LOL 

But after all i love this nail polish, very shiny even before u apply top coat, make ur skin looks lighter, and sexy of course! ^^ 

Anyway, Thanks for visiting my blog & see u in my next post ladies..


Imelda Ingelia


  1. Nice color :)
    Yes,it is slightly reminds me of blood ha5 but it looks good on your nails ^^

    1. thanks dear Shasha.. *kissss*
      yeeeeppp.. bener khan?? gw juga mikir rada2 serem nih kuteks.. LOL
      tp lama2 liatnya makin sukaa :D and i swear this really shiny *clingg..*

  2. that nail colour is gorgeous! so rich and opulent x

    I have tagged you to answer 11 Qs! I would be grateful if you could answer them x


    1. thanks dear..
      i'll try to answer all the questions :)

  3. I love this color...so rich :)

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  4. This colour looks vampy.. I guess some people can pull it off as a sexy look though!