Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dream High 2 Nail Art Inspired

Hi, it's been a very looooong time since my last post, coz the internet in my house having trouble for a couples of days. Had accused my gardener who accidentally disconnect cables when cutting the grass, but obviously there was network issue from the center. (poor u my gardener.. Sorry! LOL)

Today i will share with u guys my latest Nail Art. It's all about Red, Black & Gold glitters Nail Art inspired by the latest Korean drama i've watched ~ DREAM HIGH 2. For those who are watching it would probably know how interesting the nail appearance of each main character on that movie, especially Ri An (T-ARA Ji Yeon). From all of them, the most eye-catching one i think it was the Red, Black & Gold glitters combine. 

 Ri An Nail Art from DREAM HIGH 2

In the end, I tried to make the combination of the three colors, but the design is not exactly the same as Ri An, i adjust it to my existing materials and create the nail art according to my imagination.. (*cieeeehhh...) XD


I upload on Instagram as well and recieved a bunch of compliments, THANK YOU ^^

 So, how do u think of my Nail Art this time?
Hope u like it.. 

Thanks for all of u guys for stepping by on my blog, really appreciate ur comments and suggestion ^,*
See u on my next post..

Imelda Ingelia


  1. cc ituu yg warna merah pakai kutek apa?? Bagusss bgdd hwhw :3:3

    1. yg merah aq mix skin food red stone (yg pernah ku review sblmnya) ama LA Splash yg Red Glitter :) *Voilaaaa!

      Thanks anyway for visiting :*

  2. soo beautiful :)

    1. Thank You Fanny..

      *blogwalking to ur blog now ^^

  3. very cool nails, i also like dream high and i think i will try to do the same nails as you did. your blog is very interesting. i am your new follower:) can you check my blog?

  4. Where did you get the jewels on your nails from. Especially the tiny gold ones cause I cant find them anywhere and I really want this done to my nails.

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