Thursday, March 1, 2012

NOTD: Cute Rainbow Nail Art

In the morning of February 28, i've spent 2 hours or more >.<" to clean up,  tidying, shaping, and created my own Nail Art for my Birthday.. *yeaaayyy!!!^^ You don't know how excited i am to colouring & put the decor on top of my nails.

Since a few days earlier I was thinking about how the shapes and colors that represents my life. Since I was a kid until I was an adult, 27 years old now (woww.. I'm getting older: p) and the one thing that crossed my mind: My life is sooooo "COLORFUL". Lots of love and sorrow that I passed but makes me as I am on this day..  ^____~

And since I really admire glitters that add sparkle of my life, I use it to make my nails look glamorous and glittery. Then add the butterfly & rhinestones to beautify it..^^

In preparation, I use these products that i bought from my last holiday in South Korea:

 ETUDE HOUSE Petite Darling Nails Matte
Berry Bubble
Lemon Cheese
Orange Muffin
Mint Cookie
Strawberry Yoghurt

  ETUDE HOUSE Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails

The packaging is really pretty!
The front of the box contains the actual picture of the nail polish gradient on the nail and the work of art of Annika Wester. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a famous illustrator known for her stylish drawings. :D

Apply My Favourite Base Coat from O.P.I & Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat

So, Lets Check this out:


 My Poor Bare Nails.. >.<" Stay strong!!! :D

The Based color using ETUDE HOUSE Petite Darling Nails Matte

 ETUDE HOUSE Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails for the decor

Put the glitters, nails stickers, rhinestones for both hands & feet

And.. VOILA!!!!

Hope u like it!

Imelda Ingelia


  1. I like it, very girlish and colorful :)!

  2. Thank You Denise, :)
    The design according to the mood.. hohohooo :D

  3. love the shades, beautiful nails.
    following you!

  4. So cute ! <3
    follow youuu