Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Black Mint Vintage Nail Sticker Review

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It's been a while since my last post about nail art coz my nails are in tough times which is very fragile and easily broken. So I kinda rarely do post about nails lately. But Thank God my nails grow very quickly (maybe influenced by frequent typing on keyboard and stimulating growth or whatsoever..) LOL  (^▽^)

As you guys know, nail art isn't easy or cheap. It’s hard to achieve a perfect one, so several companies have launched at-home nail art or nail polish stickers to help us out. I have used nail art sticker before and was quite satisfied with the results. You can check my previous post here.

Last time i use leopard design, but this time I was in a vintage mood and since the color of mint were hits lately, so I chose mint green with black flower combination which looks very vintage and pretty. I think this two colors is a perfect match. (≧∇≦)/

Here we go!!!


 The packaging looks professional enough although with a relatively cheap price.  
There are also picture & application instructions at the packaging which is quite helpful.

IDR 35.000 or about 3.5 USD

Where can i get it?
You can find Nail Sticker at your local beauty supply, drugstore or check online for more info.

Each set contains 12 stickers, two sheets of 6 size. So they’ll fit all nail shapes. 

 I love this cute & unique design with the base color mint green and black flower kinda looks vintage and adorable. Did you notice there is a cute bird among the flowers? ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Let's see how to use it:

 My Bare Nails

One Layer of my favorite Top Coat from O.P.I

Wait until it is completely dry

 Select the size that fits your nail and apply on your nails

 You can cut off the excess or using nail buffer until it cover the size of your nails perfectly

 Last, apply Top Coat to make it last longer and Cuticle Oil to make it look healthier 


 Very simple and easy rite???

Step by step to use it takes about 20 minutes. If you need to attend a party and did not have much time to beautify your nails, I think this is a shortcut to get an instant salon manicure which not only saves time but also money. Hehehehee... (≧∇≦)/

They claim it will last about 10 days, and based on my experience even though I use to type, shower (warm water in this case), and activities as usual, this nail stickers probably will last for at least 7-9 days. Not much different from what they are advertise. Worth to buy isn't it?? =D

 Final Opinion:
If you're looking for an easy and inexpensive nail art, i think this nail sticker are actually the best way to help you create an instant nail makeover.
I thought these were fun to wear, they were easy to apply and remove, and the price was pretty fair considering what some of the other brands are charging for similar products right now.

I’d definitely use this nail stickers again. They’re cheaper than others but worked just as well. 

What do u guys think????

Let me know by comment below ^^

Imelda Ingelia


  1. cantik ce nail stickernya.. pengen nyoba nail sticker tp takut ribet >.<

    1. hehehe.. Thanks for Visiting Rin..
      gak seribet yg dibayangkan koq
      gampang banget pakenya tapi ga gampang copot koq **as long as u stick them right** LOL

  2. bagus nail stickernya..
    pengen coba ni...:)
    cara pakainya juga mudah bgt y...>_<

    1. hihihi..
      iyah dear gampang banget pakenya..
      motifnya juga banyak banget tgl pilih..
      mau yg simple or norak2 lebay juga banyak.. wkwkwkwkwkkk.. XD

      thanks for visit & comment :*:*:*

  3. kuku mu bagus y dear, tebal keliatannya
    kuku gw pendek2, kalo pake nail sticker begitu bisa terbuang setengah
    nice review, dear

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  4. Great review. I was just thinking about getting some nail stickers yesterday. Love your blog :)

  5. keren , gampang aplikasinya dan mudah..cuman belinya di mana ya dear?

  6. Your sticker pattern so cute..
    Dulu pernah beli sticker foil gara" ntn youtube.. tapi ga pernah di pakai mpe skrg.. haha.. emank lebih murah drpd kita ke nail art..

    Kindly visit my blog..

    Need advance since im newbie..
    Have a nice day

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  8. wow Ive been thinking a lot to try nail stickers ><
    They are soooo beautiful XD

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    Thankyou ^^

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