Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pink Hello Kitty Glitters Nail Art

Among all the Sanrio characters, it was Hello Kitty that really captured our young hearts (me & my niece was a biggest fans of her -LOL) - probably because of her "pink-themed" character, loveable moon-shaped face, and innocent nature. So no wonder that up until now, we still couldn't outgrow our fascination for her! Being "older" shouldn't make us ahsamed to like her, but has its perks indeed... now we can really indulge and splurge on any kitty item that we want! Woohoo!! Kitty Chan will always keep the child in us.. :D

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bling Lolita Nail Art Design

Hi Everyone..

I've been very very busy lately, and yeah.. Of course i don't have time to write a new post since the last one on early May.. =.="

Anyway, I'm a nail art addict. If you've been following my blog or Twitter, you'll know that I love to create my own DIY designs. I prefer to do it myself at home, compared to the nail salon. At the nail salon of course will be handled by a professional and the results are very good, but it took extra time and money (must be expensive =D).I prefer to buy the equipment and make by myself at home. It's cheaper and I can experimenting, learning and training my self in order to be better and more professional.