Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bling Lolita Nail Art Design

Hi Everyone..

I've been very very busy lately, and yeah.. Of course i don't have time to write a new post since the last one on early May.. =.="

Anyway, I'm a nail art addict. If you've been following my blog or Twitter, you'll know that I love to create my own DIY designs. I prefer to do it myself at home, compared to the nail salon. At the nail salon of course will be handled by a professional and the results are very good, but it took extra time and money (must be expensive =D).I prefer to buy the equipment and make by myself at home. It's cheaper and I can experimenting, learning and training my self in order to be better and more professional.

Today i'm gonna share my Bling Lolita Nailart Design with u guys, i made this one last month for attending my cousin's wedding day on May 20th. But the difference this time I decorate with false nails, coz my real nails really having a tough time, it breaks everywhere and i cut my nails short at all. >.<

When this thing happens, I always do the same thing. cut my nails short and rested from all forms of chemicals, including nail polish, and others. I think it is the best thing to handle from excessive damage. So, i'm just using the fake nails and stick it up with some double tape. :D

This is it.. ^^

With Flash

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Hope u like it... ^^

Imelda Ingelia


  1. Hi Ci Imelda, salam kenal ya <3
    Cici biasa beli kku palsu polos dmna? waktu it ak prna beli yg sekotak isi 100pcs, tapi cuma sampe nomor 7 apa 8 gtu jdi cuma bisa bwt jempol ama jari tengah =_=

    BTW nail artnya keren @_@ mirip yg d salon salon <3

    1. Hi Yessy.. met kenal jga.. :)
      aq biasa beli di biasanya sekotak dpt 8-9 ukuran :)

      Thanks anyway for visiting yach.. ^^

  2. really cool and talented!! hope i can have that fake nails too :( ~poor me~

    1. Hi Gladys..
      Whatta compliment.. Thank You!^^

      u can try to make one.. juz follow ur imagination and make a new design..

  3. Wow these are just super cute! Great work.