Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pink Hello Kitty Glitters Nail Art

Among all the Sanrio characters, it was Hello Kitty that really captured our young hearts (me & my niece was a biggest fans of her -LOL) - probably because of her "pink-themed" character, loveable moon-shaped face, and innocent nature. So no wonder that up until now, we still couldn't outgrow our fascination for her! Being "older" shouldn't make us ahsamed to like her, but has its perks indeed... now we can really indulge and splurge on any kitty item that we want! Woohoo!! Kitty Chan will always keep the child in us.. :D

Addictions are not good. Usually. But let's face it a Hello Kitty addiction didn't killed anybody yet. At least I don't know any such case. LOL A Hello Kitty addiction is just a hobby. ^^v

But, today i'm not gonna talk about my Hello Kitty addiction and bla..bla..bla... :P I juz wanna share with u guys my Hello Kitty Nail Art. Inspired by a character that conquered the hearts of millions, the following Hello Kitty nail art designs can definitely turn me on. (haha :D) It's about simple and easy nail art that everyone can easily do at home.

Things you need for this:
 •  Manicure Kit 777 from Kay Collection
• Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover
• OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
• ETUDE House Hot Pink Jewelade Nail Polish
• Skin Food Nail Vita Crystal Pearl Top Coat
• OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil

 Hello Kitty 3D Nail Sticker

Stickers are an easy way for beginners like me to add some Hello Kitty to my nail art as i don't require drawing skills (i'm really bad at drawing :D) and there's less scope for smudged lines and mistakes that will ruin the effect. Easy removing, very shiny and smooth in the surface. So, i prefer this :)

Step 1
 Apply base coat

 Step 2 
Apply the hot pink color as base color

 Step 3
 Select a design and peel off by using tweezers, place it on nail & rub it gently several times, and apply some glitters to make this sparkling and cute then apply top cost for the best result.
 (as you want the final look to be).

More & larger picture for u..

 Hope u guys like it..
Thanks for visiting my blog, see ya on the next post.. ^^

Much Love,
Imelda Ingelia


  1. omg its the perfect Hello Kitty manicure :D!
    love the strawberry pink base color <3

    1. Thank You Denise..
      Next time i wanna try to make the Hello Kitty 3D Nail Art using some deco..

      Thanks for visit & comments dear... ^^

  2. Wow that design is so cute :D
    I love the pink base and the sparkly glitters

  3. Hello! I've nominated you to win an award, please look at my blog ^-^!