Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cherry Blossom Nail Art

Hi everyone!! How's ur day?? We've already entered 2nd day of May and i've been very busy lately, starting the renovation of my store GLITTER Boutique, accompany my cuz ​​pre wedding photoshoot,  (well, actually he ask me to do the makeup for his bride to be. *share the picture later.. =D), and all other busy things that spend my April. =.="

This week I felt all springy and flowery and I wanted to make cherry blossoms Nail Art. Poor us in Indo doesn't have any SAKURA aka Cherry Blossom, except the fake ones on every local flower shop. >.<

Cherry blossoms are just so pretty and delicate, I wish to travelling to Japan or Korea during spring, and seeing these trees in person.

This is one of the easier and fast designs to execute. Started with a two coat base of love & beauty Greeny/Minty sky Nail Polish

and then went in with Dark Chocolate Nail Polish to put some random branches on

For the petals, I used Baby Pink Nail Polish with the dotting tool to add little flowers, 
mostly over the branch bits that looked a little sloppy. 
Then followed that with Pink Neon Nail Polish to dot the center of the flowers

 And voila, you have cherry blossom on ur nails

It's easy, I promise, just requires a little patience ^__^

P.S: All the product I've used by O.P.I (sorry my bad, doesn't have so much time to take any photos)

I really like it, hope you do as well! :)

Imelda Ingelia


  1. bagus ^^ tp gmn cara kutex yg tgn kanan sis? biasanya belepotan kalo aku pake tgn kiriku utk kutex kuku di jari2 tgn kanan T-T

    1. klo cherry blossom-nya lmyn gampang coz pake dotting tools :D
      ranting2nya yg lumayan susah.. hehehe.. :)
      but so far msh OK lah..

  2. mad cute! :3
    loving the blue polish <3

    1. quite simple to make one! :)
      thanks anyway...

  3. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

    1. woww Nik, that's so nice of u...
      Thank You so much, i feel very honored.. :)
      although i'm still a newbie in this kind of thing,
      but yeah.. i do like this & so passionate to write about my fave things and share w/ others.. become an award for me if people (like u) enjoy & inspired.. i'm so glad ^^

      *visit & follow urs*

  4. bagus <3 cute nail art!
    kreatif banget dalam pemilihan warnanya :)

    followed your blog ^^
    mind follow me back? :)
    thanks before ^^

    1. Thank u Miharu..
      my pleasureee.. :)

      visit & follow u too.. ^^

  5. love cherry blossoms; the nail art is really cute. you're very talented x

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