Friday, September 14, 2012

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner Review (New Packaging)

Dolly Wink is probably the most famous Japanese make up brand when it comes to Gyaru and Dolly Style, the main icon of Dolly Wink's products being the Gyaru idol Tsubasa Masukawa. She really is gorgeous. I adore her so much!

I been wanting Dolly Wink stuff ever since they were released in 2009. Products are top and bottom false lashes, liquid eye liner, pencil eyeliner, eyelash glue, case and others.  Dolly Wink has officially released new products for their Otona Collection last year and now they got new packaging for all of their collection.

I'm so glad few days ago i recieved my Dolly Wink Liquid Liner with new packaging from Tomato Online Shop after waiting about 3 weeks, you can visit their shop here.

I still have the old pink polkadot one, but i don't wanna miss a chance to try the new packaging since it comes with two shade Black & Brown. ^^


Koji Dolly Wink Black Liquid Liner Packaging

Koji Dolly Wink Brown Liquid Liner Packaging



So, what I love the most about this eyeliner (except for how cute it looks, kya =.=) would probably its NON-SMUDGING ability! Back in the days when I was still very awkward with make up, I used to forget about my eyes and my hand always slipped to rub them. The results? Disastrous, haha. XD
But with this eyeliner, even a bit of rubbing WON'T smudge your make up at all! Not that I recommend rubbing your eyes while wearing make up. LOL >.<

It's supposedly waterproof and sweat-proof, which is great for oily types of skin and even for rainy days! To be completely honest with you guys, this eyeliner is magical. It's lasting ability is pretty d*mn unbelievable, and so is its coverage.

The tip is FIRM, and the ending is very, very thin and soft so it allows you to draw extremely thin lines which are perfect for gyaru make up! Especially when you're drawing a line underneath your eyes.

Here's the swatches for you:

                                Natural Light                                                             With Flash

                          Pour Some Water                                         Gently Tap & Press with Cotton

It's seriously one of the best product the market has to offer. As you can see at the picture above, the ending line can be very, very thin! It's just a magical tool. It offers comfort when applying (like I said, it's easy!), doesn't smudge under any circumstances, doesn't leave reprints on your eyelids and it's waterproof, too! I can't imagine my cosmetics bag without Dolly Wink's Liquid Eyeliner.

Basically I love love love the eyeliner so far. This might very well have beat dozens of other eyeliners that I’ve purchased in the past year. I absolutely love it!

You can use this Dolly Wink Liquid Liner to draw a super thin or bold & winged eyeliner looks depends on what style u prefer the most:

Here's the different between Black & Brown on your eyes:



I recommend this eyeliner to everyone. Literally. It doesn't matter whether you're going for a gyaru make up, ulzzang style, daily make up or just looking for a new eyeliner... I use Dolly Wink on daily basis, and it's not going to change until they release a better version, hahaha.. :D I wanted to share my experience, both cons and pros of this product, yet I can't come up with a thing I dislike about Koji! (fyi, Koji has produced beauty products for about 80 years) It deserves a 100% positive rating from me!! ^,~

- packaging is so cute and pretty
- the brush is also very good quality
- easy to make super thin or thick lines
- good flow of ink and nice color
- the tip is the perfect firmness and length for drawing control
- waterproof and stays on all day without a smudge
- dries quickly, not causing accidental smudges from blinking too early
- can wipe off with water and a tissue without irritating or over rubbing the eye
- doesn’t leave a dark tint of black/brown after wiping eyeliner away
- very slim and easy to take with you anywhere

- a lil bit Pricey (but the more i think, the price seems pretty reasonable to me when weighed with all of the eyeliner's benefits.)

Absolutely YES!!! I will still continue to buy as this is the best liquid liner that I have used so far.. ^^

Last pic was my selca using Dolly Wink Eyeliner:
(sorry for poor quality, taken this using the front camera on my iPhone) =.="

Thank You for visiting my blog Dollz
Looking forward for ur comments and thoughts..

Imelda Ingelia


  1. I have this one too, and I love it. One of the best eyeliners I've tried so far ;). Not disappointing at all :D!

    1. a lot of beauty blogger loves this eyeliner for sure :D
      thanks for visiting ^^

      blogwalking now.. :)

  2. wah tyt km jg ikutan PO di tomato ya kpn hr? aku pengen pesen jg tp ga jadi wkwk *_* lg nabunggg..
    thanks for sharing ^^ nice review :D

    1. hehe thank u sis ^^

      iyah lumayan PO 180.000
      di tempat lain ada yg 200an =.=

    2. hi dear. try Kekkou BeautyShoppe FB, or instagram @kekkoubeauty dear.
      bought mine from there. ready stock! :)

  3. aaa new packagingnya *-* bikin naksir bangeeet

    1. hehehe.. ada yg suka packaging lama tapi banyak yg suka packaging barunya jg..
      tp yg pasti produknya tetep berkwalitas ;)))

  4. wow the colour is very intense but I still prefer the old packaging to this one :D

    1. ssssttt... my blog design actually inspired by the old packaging from Dolly Wink..
      LOL XD

  5. I actually think the old packaging looks cuter >-< maybe im just weird lol
    but its great the product quality remains excellent <3

  6. I used to ♥ this so much! But now I'm broke, nolonger using this ・゚・(。>Д<。)・゚・ any online shop recommendation that sell this in a very affordable price? 8'D

    1. visit Tomato Online Shop Dear :)
      best deal juz about 180.000 IDR

    2. hi dear. try Kekkou BeautyShoppe FB, or instagram @kekkoubeauty dear.
      bought mine from there. fantastic experience! :)

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  8. Wow... nice result. Still wearing pencil eyeliner and it is smudge, looking for better recommendation. I think this product is good. thanks you to share it. ^_^

  9. hello sist ^^ aku liat di internet ada yg jual 35, 65, 85 itu knapa jauh banget ya harganya fotonya tulisannya dolly wink jg. ngeri palsu nih.. aku pengen beli. kata temen aku ini smudge proof n waterproof. kamu uda pernah tau atau nyoba yg miripdolly wink ini yaitu K-Palette???

    1. itu palsu sis. harga asli range dr 150rb-199rb tergantung seller.
      try Kekkou BeautyShoppe FB, or instagram @kekkoubeauty dear.
      bought mine from there. :)

  10. Ada tuh sist importir langsung di facebook, nama pagenya polkybeauty

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