Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Instagram Journey

Taking pictures on your phone is fun and all, but there's so much more that you can do with it, right on your phone! So I am addicted to Instagram!! The best place to capture all your favorite things! I love to play with the different filters and experiment with perspectives.

I am posting so many pictures it is kind of getting out of control. lol =D

Here's a bunch of what we've been up to lately:

Another Purple LOTD

On my way heading hometown

Winter in Seoul

 Step by Step NOTD

Products for this Look

My cute headphone-telephone

Another LOTD

Husband and Wife Corner

Miss my old black hair >.<

Some of my NYX Haul

Leopard of the day

My FAILED Tuxedo Nail Art >.<

Blocking the sun :D

Another LOTD

Another LOTD

Bling2 Thing visit my store GLITTER Boutique

South Korea Honeymoon :*

Rhinestones for my Nail

Fresh Yoghurt & Slice of Guava

Manadonese Food - Grilled Tuna w/ dabu dabu

Fresh Fish & Veggie

Some of K-Pop thing i've bought from holiday

The famous Bread from Seoul

On board meal - Bibimbap

Pancake Craving

OPI Nicki Minaj

My Hello Kitty Addiction

A slice of HEAVEN =D

 <3 Hello Kitty <3

Hello Kitty vs Pororo vs Teddy Bear

A different side of me

The beach on Jeju Island

Kissing Pororo

Magical Place on Myeongdong Street

YSL Oval Ring

Everland Korea

My Dolly Wink Otona Collection

Another LOTD

Hello Kitty Glasses

Taking picture while working =D

Black or White???

Home for my babies

Guilty Pleasure

  Bride & Groom from Teddy Bear Museum Jeju Island

That's a lot of other photos i can't upload here =D

If you have instagram make sure you follow me there, my username is imelda_ingelia 
Yeaaaaaaay ^^


  1. AAA itu koleksi mekapnya manteb banget beneran hahaha... Pake SK-II kah? liat di sebelah kiri kok kayak botolnya FTE. Hehehe nice dah! <333

    1. HIhihii.. Thank u..
      iyah bener bgt skin care aq pake SK-II ^^

      blogwalking yaaah ksana :D

  2. you look pretty ~! <3
    haha MY HEAVEN <3 x"D and HK *_*

    1. Hahaa.. Thanks Rania for5 visiting my blog :)
      yeah, that's a lil slice of heaven :D

  3. wow! your make up is so pretty and you are so cute *-*
    now im following u<3


    1. woohoo! thank u dear...
      so nice of u! i follow u back.. :))

  4. you look lovely; i really like your nail art x

    1. many thanks Dear,
      i don't really good at making one of those nail art,
      juz choose the simple one! :))

      blogwalking to u.......!

  5. was blog-walking and found your blog! *followed

    you're so pretty, loving your tuxedo nails omg <3

    btw i was at korea few months ago, lol korea is so pretty lah :D

    1. OMG, that tuxedo was the horrible one :P
      i took the wrong thick polishes & it ends so messy LOLOLOL
      but gonna try to make a good one later,
      w/ good brushes as well, coz mine was not good at all (the cheaper one) :(

      aaaaaaandd.. yess!! couldn't be more agree with u!!
      korea is awesome!! I went there during the winter & wanted to go there again when spring/cherry blossom >.< *makeawish*

  6. You're pretty, and I like your style :)
    I love that huge Pororo !